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Koala Studios

Koala Studios are designed by you! And since you're designing your Koala Studio, you'll be sewing in total comfort. You'll sew at just the right height with the perfect amount of surface area and your accessories, notions and fabrics all will be within easy reach. After all, your studio is where you create – you should be able to do it easily and comfortably.

Precision Craftsmanship

Koala Studios are customized for you in our Midwest facility with the utmost in craftsmanship and quality. Every detail of your Koala Studio - from the environmentally-friendly, highest grade engineered wood base to the steel components and decorative handles - were chosen with quality, elegance and luxury in mind.

Suit Your Sewing Style

Where you sew is a reflection of how you sew and who you are. That's why each Koala studio starts with a base model that you can customize to fit your needs and decor. Choose the finish, height, accessories and other options that meet your sewing needs.

Why Are They Called Studios?

Koala Studios are so much more than a cabinet. Why? Your sewing area is your creative space - even if that space is only one piece of furniture. It's where your ideas come to life and where you have the tools to make it all happen, just like a studio.

Quality Inside and Out

Koala Studios feature rounded corners and beveled edges, enhancing the Studio's appearance and eliminating sharp edges and corners that snag fabric. Each studio is as stunning as it is durable. Finished with a thick vinyl veneer that is scratch resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean.


Koala Studios feature full-extension drawers that glide open and close softly. The silent soft-closing hydraulic cushion makes the drawers impossible to slam.

The 5/8-inch framed drawer boxes combined with the steel drawer glides are weight tested to hold up to 120 lbs., fully extended.

Machine Lift

Koala's innovative lift design enables you to effortlessly position your machine at any level with the push of a button. The remote control can stop the machine in any position with no effort of mechanical lift adjustment. The machine platform remains solid and steady while evenly supporting your machine in every position. Operates with a handheld remote control or built-in toggle switch. The Koala E Lift supports most machines and provides a stable platform at every position, while the XL Lift safely supports the largest, heaviest, top of-of-the-line sewing and quilting machines.

An Elegant Touch

Choose from five beautiful finishes for your studio. Each studio is as stunning as it is durable. Finished with a thick vinyl veneer that is scratch resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean. Choose the color that best complements your décor, style and creativity.

Small Business, Big Benefits

Independent Koala retailers are committed to sewers like you. We provide the highest quality products and services not available through mass retailers. You can count on your Koala retailer to help you choose the studio that best fits you needs. Well-trained on the Koala line, they're your friendly, trusted advisor - someone who will guide you through the features and innovations that make your studio exactly what you need it to be. Additionally, all online Koala purchases will benefit the independent retailer you select!

Today, Koala is owned by Tacony Corporation, an American family-owned company with over 70 years in the sewing industry. As our name conveys, our original designs were developed "Down Under" in the 1980's and first imported from Australia under the name Koala Cabinets. The Australian cabinetry featured several models with names such as Outback and SewMate, and all were available in five different finishes, which is still a signature design feature of Koala Studios.


In 2008, Koala moved our production to America and a new design concept was conceived. Our customers told us that they wanted more customization and better storage solutions.

They wanted sewing furniture that better fit them, their space and their style. To meet this demand, Koala Studios was formed, and a new mid-west American factory was built.

About Tacony Corporation®

About Tacony Corporation®

Founded in 1946, Tacony Corporation is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company that provides your world with better solutions for sewing, cleaning and home. With more than 475 associates in 9 offices around the world under the leadership of CEO Kristi Tacony Humes, Tacony’s mission is to create long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and feel like family. To learn more, visit