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What is a Station?

The Koala Station Collection offers you the perfect home for your machine and supplies. Although simpler in design you’ll find the same quality that you find in every Koala Studio. Stations offer a generous work surface, easy access storage compartments, a standard base, along with a stationary machine platform.

What is included in a Station base model?

All Station base models include cord and lamp ports, rounded corners and beveled edges, easy-roll lockable casters, and loads of storage space. Select your favorite Station (Sewing, Quilting or Serger) and see what additional standard base selections are included.

Are casters optional?

Yes, the studio ships with casters, although the station is designed to be used with or without casters.

Will my machine fit in a Koala Station?

The Station accommodates many machine profiles. Please check to determine machine fit.

What heights are available for the Station Collection?

Only standard heights are available. Sewing Station 29-1/4”, Quilting Station 29-1/4”, Serger Station 30”.

Is assembly required?

Yes, partial assembly is required. Each station is shipped with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.


What is the Embroidery Module/Hoop Closet? Can I add it to my Koala Studio?

The glide-out Embroidery Module/Hoop Closet is included as a standard feature in the Artisan Embroidery Studio and the Slimline Artisan Embroidery. It stores a variety of module and hoop sizes. It cannot be added to any other studio model.

What embroidery machines fit in the Koala Artisan Embroidery Studio?

The Artisan’s Embroidery Module/Hoop Closet has been designed to fit the Baby Lock Solaris, Destiny II, as well as a variety of Baby Lock and Brother machines. It also accommodates most other embroidery modules but does not fit the Viking Epic*. We recommend confirming with your local Koala retailer to determine the best Studio to fit your machine. Additionally, Bernina 700 and 800 series owners should choose Koala’s Artisan BERNINA Embroidery Studio, available exclusively through BERNINA retailers.

*The Artisan DesignPro Studio offers an embroidery module and hoop drawer that accommodates a variety of Viking® and Pfaff® machines.

What are Outback Shelves?

Optional Outback Shelves are designed to be attached below the optional Outback Leaf Extension. They are designed to provide added storage and enable a user to position the Studio in the center of a room to maximize the storage and surface areas, much like a kitchen island.

If I don’t order an Outback Leaf, can I add one on later?

No. The Outback Leaf should be ordered at the time your place your initial studio order.

What is the best studio height for me?

This question is quite personal, and there are several factors that need to be considered when making this decision in addition to a person’s height. One of the biggest challenges our customers deal with are physical issues related to aging that continue to change over time, such as eyesight, flexibility, and possible injuries. In dealing with these challenges, Koala provides several options to meet individual needs that include variables that can be adjusted over time. These variables include adjustable foot control rests, machine lift platforms, and chairs.

Also, it is important to consider if you are only going to use the studio while sitting or if you desire to use it while standing to layout projects and cut fabric. If you want to use it for both sitting and standing, start by choosing the right standing height that meets your personal needs. From there, you will need to order the studio with an adjustable foot control rest, and chair, so that it is ergonomically correct for you while sitting and standing.

What is included in a Base Model?

The base model features are standard with each Studio but vary on companion models. The base model features on a Studio include: electric glide lift, left and right front doors, notion and fabric palettes, internal adjustable shelves, soft-closing drawers, and built at a standard height.

What do you mean by “Studio”?

More than just a table or storage cabinet, Koala Studios are designed and built to complement your home, as well as inspire creativity. When using a Koala Studio, even when shared with other furniture, we consider this space to be your creative retreat. We also consider a room featuring several Koala models to be a Studio Suite.


How Do I Assemble My Koala Cabinet?

Let us show you how! Koala Studios has created a series of instructional videos which will guide you through the moving, unboxing and assembly of your Koala cabinet and accessories. Each video is sequentially outlined with all the step-by-step details. Just follow these assembly instructions to ensure the smoothest possible installation ever. These are proven techniques so we know you will be able to get set up easily and successfully!

What delivery options are available for my Koala Studio?

Koala offers three convenient delivery options: (1) Outside Front Door, (2) Room of Choice, and our most inclusive (3) Top Drawer Delivery Plus Service. See more on Koala Studios delivery options.


Where are Koala Studios assembled?

All Koala Studios are assembled in our own W. Chicago, Illinois facility that is owned by an American third-generation family run business.

What is the Thread Closet? Can I add it to my Koala Studio?

The glide-out Thread Closet stores 100 spools of thread, up to mini-king size, on steel pegs. Four shelves tilt down for easy access to the back row of spools. It is included as a standard feature in the Artisan Embroidery Studio, Slimline Artisan Embroidery, Artisan Quilter, Slimline Artisan Quilter, and Artisan QuiltMate. The Artisan StorageCenter can be customized to a height of 35-1/4” which includes a glide-out Thread Closet. It cannot be added to any other studio model.

What heights are available for the cabinets?

For most Studio models, there are three height options: 29 1/4 in., 32 1/4 in., and 35 1/4 in.

How should I care for and clean my Koala Studio?

Your Koala Studio may be cleaned with a damp cloth, then wiped dry if necessary, mild soap and water may be used. Do not use oils, waxes, bleach or abrasives. Don’t place near sources of moisture. Avoid setting anything hot on the tabletop. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and extreme sunlight exposure.

Is the finish easily scratched?

The finish is a thick vinyl veneer that is mar-resistant, water resistant, and beautiful. Veneer of this quality has a wonderful richness of color but is not bullet proof. Take care when using scissors, notions, and other accessories. If ever a component of the studio is severely damaged, it can be replaced and will match perfectly.

What materials are used to make Koala Studios?

The materials used in building Koala Studios were chosen so that each Studio could be made with rounded beveled edges that eliminate sharp edges and corners that snag fabrics. This design element also provides the operator comfort and enjoyment of a beautiful finished piece of furniture.

To incorporate these design advantages, the wood core must be made from a dense, high-grade, 3/4 in. thick fiberboard with no imperfections and shaped with a computer-controlled diamond tip router. Once shaped, the board is then finished with a beautiful, thick vinyl veneer that is hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, water resistant, and easy to clean.

How do I purchase a Koala Studio?

You can configure the perfect studio for you and order right here from our website! If you would prefer to see the studio line in person before ordering, find your local retailer here.

Where is my Owner's Manual?

Did you get your new Koala Studio but not the manual? You can download your Owner's Manual here. All Koala Studios use this same manual.

How do I order replacement parts, such as casters, cam locking pins, or something else?

Contact your local Koala Retailer to order any replacement parts needed. Find a Koala Retailer near you.